Uterine Tumors That Occur During Pregnancy

A tumor is a lump that grows because the cells in your body divide rapidly. This can also be caused by old cells in your body that are supposed to regenerate remain in your body and block the formation of new cells. Tumors can happen to anyone. Where the most tumors occur in those of you who like an unhealthy lifestyle. Compared to cancer, tumors are somewhat more benign and can be cured if treatment is carried out quickly and precisely.

One type of tumor often experienced by women is a uterine tumor . Where a uterine tumor is a tumor that grows in the uterine muscle of a woman. The tumor itself that grows in the muscle of a woman's uterus is small and can grow inside or outside a woman's uterus and even a woman's uterine cavity. Uterine tumors usually do not have symptoms in most women. The presence of these tumors can be detected using an ultrasound that is performed. Even in some cases, uterine tumors can occur during pregnancy. Where if this happens it requires medical action to cure it.

Uterine tumors are easy to catch during pregnancy. This is because the immune system of pregnant women is usually lower than that of women who are not pregnant. Where this causes various viruses and bacteria to be able to land on your body. Uterine tumors can be caused by genetic factors or through hormonal conditions that rise and fall during the pregnancy process. Therefore, to avoid this from happening, it's a good idea to have regular pregnancy check-ups and consultations during your pregnancy.

Uterine tumors do not show symptoms indirectly. However, there are some symptoms that you can feel when you have a uterine tumor, namely irregular bleeding, anemia, constipation, digestive problems, and urinary tract infections. In pregnant women, the symptoms of Uterine Tumors can include pain in their legs as well. If you feel some of the symptoms mentioned above, it's a good idea to check with your doctor.

Uterine tumors can infect anyone, but more specifically if you are at the age of 40 years and over, have an unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, rarely consuming vegetables, eating lots of meat to the weight factor. Genetic factors can be added as one cause or increase your risk of developing a uterine tumor. Therefore, maintaining your healthy lifestyle and also your daily food consumption is one of the things you need to pay attention to.