7 Tips for Caring for T-Shirts so they can last a long time

T-shirts are arguably the type of clothing that is most often worn every day. When relaxing at home or hanging out with friends, t-shirts are often the outfit of choice. You must also have one or more favorite t-shirts to wear in certain activities. So, so that the shirt is durable for you to wear for a long time, follow these 7 surefire tips to care for it.

Wash isolated white shirts

If you have a white t-shirt, then you should separate it from your other t-shirts and wash it separately. This is done to prevent the white shirt from getting discolored from another shirt with a different color pattern. Do not let it be because you are lazy, you mix all the shirts, so that it makes the white shirt unfit for use anymore.

Avoid Machine Washing T-shirts

To keep your t-shirt durable, it is highly recommended that you wash it by hand. Using a washing machine to wash the shirt can damage the fibers on the shirt. As a result, the shirt is at risk of becoming stretchy, especially around the neck. In order not to build up, you can get in the habit of washing the shirt immediately after wearing it.

Don't Soak the T-Shirt for Too Long

Who here likes to forget about soaking a T-shirt and letting it soak overnight? Don't keep this habit. Too long soaking the shirt can make the fibers brittle, which can make them tear easily later. The recommended soaking time actually only ranges from 10 to 15 minutes, you know !

Avoid Using Coarse Brushes

If you are using a brush to wash the shirt, then avoid using a brush with coarse bristles. A rough brush can damage the texture of the shirt. You really only need to rub the shirt as needed on the stained area. Apply detergent to the stained area, then rub it as needed until the stain is gone.

Drying clothes in reverse condition

How to dry it also greatly determines the durability of the shirt you have, you know ! The best way to dry the recommended clothes so that the quality of the clothes can be maintained is to turn them around, the inside is outside and vice versa. Why do you have to follow this method of drying? The reason is so that the color of the shirt you have does not fade quickly.

Dry in an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight

The location for drying the clothes is also a factor that determines the durability of the shirts you have. It is highly recommended that you do not dry the shirt in a location that exposes it to direct sunlight. Indeed, this method makes the shirt dry faster, but it can also make the color on the shirt fade quickly.

Iron Setting Options According to the Material of the T-Shirt

When ironing your shirt, make sure it is 100 percent dry. Then, choose the iron setting, according to what shirt material you have, such as cotton or some other material. If your shirt has a screen print on it, don't iron it directly on the surface, as this will definitely damage it.

Whether your t - shirt is durable or not , is largely determined by how Ana takes care of it, from washing to ironing it. If all this time you have cared for it, from now on, follow the proper way of caring for it according to the 7 surefire tips above.