10 Tips To Start Learning Programming

Hello, maybe you intend to start learning programming this year. But one problem for people who are just starting out is that they are confused about where to start. Is it right?

Now, don't be confused, this time I will share tips to start learning programming, quoted from the YouTube channel web programming Unpas.

What are you curious about? Check out the details now.

10 Tips To Start Learning Programming

Okay, here are 10 tips on how to start learning programming.

# 1. Determine Learning Objectives

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The first is usually the most important.

The first tip is to determine learning goals. Yes, right, this first tip is very important so that we can continue to learn consistently.

So, what are your goals in learning programming? Please ask yourself what is your learning goal.

Don't let you learn because other people and hype are just following along. Many people who enter the IT world but they have no goal are confused and feel this is not my path.

Learning objectives here for example:

Want to be able to create a website or application

Want to work in a dream company

Want to be able to make games

Want to organize a final project

And so forth

We discuss a little, suppose you learn programming because later you want to work at technology company A as what. So from now on, it must be really prepared. What programming language to learn, make applications for portfolios, and more.

Nothing is too late to learn. Don't because of your age, your background is not IT, there is still time to study and already in the final semester.

# 2. Prepare Mentally

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Why should you be mentally prepared. Because programming is not for everyone. But everyone can learn coding.

Even though we often hear or read programming is fun. The fact is coding is difficult, but it's really worth it to learn.

Wow, how come we make our down, that's not what I mean, this is just the bitterness. Because maybe we will take a long time and hard to learn to code.

So don't expect to be good at it right away.

Programming is a skill so we have to keep practicing to become really proficient. As with other skills such as cooking and playing a musical instrument it takes a long time to become proficient.

How are you mentally ready?

When you have started learning coding, then make a commitment to keep learning until you become an expert and your goals are achieved.

# 3. Select Programming Language and Prepare Tools

type of programming language

In this programming world, there are a lot of technologies, starting from:

Programming language



And others

Of course you can't learn all of them at the same time.

Then choose a programming language that suits your goals.

Want to create a web application

If you want to create a web-based application, the programming languages ​​that can be learned are:




And others

Want to Make a Mobile Application

If you want to develop an Android or iOS application, what you have to learn is:





And others

Likewise, if you want to create iOT applications and games, there are programming languages ​​and tools that must be learned.

So please decide what programming language to choose.

After that, prepare the tools such as:

Laptops with specifications suitable for developing web or android applications

Text Editor or IDE that will be used

Web server

And others

# 4. Finding Learning Resources

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The next tip is to find learning resources.

After we know what programming language to choose, what tools, and what application to make, the next step is to find the right learning resources.

Right now you should be very grateful because there are so many programming learning resources on the internet.

You just have to choose whether you want the free or paid one in various forms, such as:

Articles on blogs, forums or websites


Video Tutorials

Interactive Coding Application

And Podcasts

So, please look for learning resources that suit your needs and learning preferences.

Because everyone has their own match. For example, I prefer to learn through an ebook, it might be easier for you to understand when learning through video tutorials.

# 5. Make Something Out of Learning Outcomes

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After you have followed the tutorial or learning resource specified above, then you must then learn to make something different from the one exemplified in the learning resource.

For something different it means something like this:

You've learned how to make a website in the tutorial that you followed

Now try to make a good portfolio website to show your work later by applying the knowledge from your learning sources

Don't let the tutorial be followed but you can't make something outside of the tutorial. Make that tutorial the basis for creating something different.

# 6. Learn to Read Technical Documentation

Every programming language and other tools has technical documentation. Even though this is boring but it is important to learn.

Suppose you want to learn the laravel framework, then you can immediately visit the official website to see the framework documentation.

Usually the language is very technical, but this ability is important so that we don't depend on other people when there are problems with the applications we make.

So, if you encounter errors or problems while coding, don't ask other people first. Please check the official documentation first, because they are usually very complete.

# 7. Learn to Solve Errors Received

Via: https://blog.supercoder.com/

In the world of coding it's impossible to never get an error. Especially if we are just learning, don't be afraid of errors, but we must know what causes this error. At a minimum, we must understand the following things:

How do I googling to find a solution to the error

How to get solutions from forums like stackoverflow

How do I ask on the forum (for example Facebook)

# 8. Find Friends in Fight

Try not to learn coding alone when you start. Find friends of the same level to follow the same tutorial.

That way you can discuss when there are errors, difficulties, and you can also make projects together, this is definitely fun. Hehe

It can also be used to train soft skills, namely communication and collaboration.

# 9. Join the Community

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Besides making many friends, there will be a lot of knowledge gained from the community. Usually the knowledge that has been applied at this time either in industry or in the world of work.

The community here can be offline or online.

If you are offline, it can be in your city, campus, and others

If online, it can be a Facebook group, a telegram group, and others

# 10. Return the Knowledge We Have Got

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After you follow tutorials, join discussion forums, and others, then it would be nice if we start helping other people's difficulties with the knowledge we already have.

How to restore the knowledge that has been obtained can be like:

Active in discussion forums

Contribute to creating useful content, for example making articles / tutorials on blogs, or making video tutorials that are shared on YouTube.

So the point is to teach the knowledge that we already have back to others. Because by teaching we are actually learning. And teaching knowledge to others is one of the effective learning techniques.


Those are some tips that you can do when you start learning programming. Hopefully this is useful and don't forget to share with your other friends too.